Terms and conditions


By choosing to use this mobile lending service (“SERVICE”) you agree to establish a direct contractual relationship with AFB (Ghana) Plc (“LENDING INSTITUTION”) and you further agree to be bound by the LENDING INSTITUTION’S terms and conditions of use of the SERVICE. You acknowledge and agree that MTN is not a party to your relationship with the LENDING INSTITUTION and shall assume no obligation or right in relation to your contractual relationship with the LENDING INSTITUTION, nor shall MTN be liable to you for any damage or loss you may suffer as a result of your use of the SERVICE and dealings with the LENDING INSTITUTION and you hereby absolve and hold MTN harmless against any such losses or damage.



1.1. If you are 18 or older then you may apply for a QwikLoan loan from the Lending Institution. When you apply for a loan, you instruct, consent to and authorize MTN to provide certain information about you to the Lending Institution and or Jumo Ghana Limited for the purpose of offering a QwikLoan loan to you and for considering your loan application. For as long as you have a QwikLoan Loan or apply for one, you consent that Jumo Ghana Limited may collect, collate and process your information.This information may include all data held by MTN about you and or your MTN Mobile Money Account. It specifically includes your mobile phone number, your name, surname, date of birth, identity or passport number and includes all information relating to your MTN Mobile Money Account and your use thereof. The supply of the information to Jumo Ghana Limited is mandatory as without it no decision can be made as to whether to offer a QwikLoan loan to you and for considering your loan application. If you do not consent, a QwikLoan loan will not be offered to you.

1.2. The Lending Institution will only use your information as provided for in these terms and conditions and in terms of its Privacy Policy that is available online at afb.com/privacy/.

1.3. If you have any complaint, query or any suggestions with respect to your QwikLoan, please dial 100 on your mobile phone to contact the Customer Call Centre.

1.4. If your application is approved, the Lending Institution shall send an SMS to you to confirm:
1.4.1. the Loan Amount;
1.4.2. the Repayment Amount;
1.4.3. the Interest Rate being 6.9%;
1.4.4. the Due Date.

1.5. You may accept or decline to take up a loan from the Lending Institution by following the instructions provided in the application menu on your mobile phone.

1.6. If your application is approved, the loan shall be paid directly into your MTN Mobile Money Account.

1.7. The Lending Institution shall not be required to provide reasons to you for declining or approving your application for a loan.

1.8. These terms and conditions may change from time to time. You are therefore required to agree to these terms and conditions every time before you apply for a loan.

2.1. Repayment of the loan shall happen by automatic deduction of the Repayment Amount from your MTN Mobile Money Account on the Due Date. If any portion of the Repayment Amount remains unpaid after the Due Date any funds deposited into your MTN Mobile Money wallet will be automatically deducted until repayment of the outstanding balance has been made in full. You hereby authorize and instruct MTN to enable the Lending Institution to automatically debit your account on the Due Date with the Repayment Amount (or any other amount that may be due to the Lending Institution in respect of your loan).

2.2. You may choose to pay the Repayment Amount directly into AFB’s account on or before the Due Date by using the repayment option on the loan menu. No refund of part of the finance charge shall apply in respect of early settlement of the Repayment Amount.

2.3. A penalty of 12.5% of any amount that remains unpaid on the Due Date shall automatically apply if you fail to repay the Repayment Amount in full by the Due Date.


The Lending Institution shall not become liable to you for any indirect or consequential loss or damage of whatever kind, howsoever caused, arising out of or in connection with your application for or your use of a QwikLoan loan.


4.1. You hereby expressly consent and authorize the Lending Institution and or Jumo Ghana Limited to disclose, record and/or utilize or process your personal or other information relating to your account with the Lending Institution to Jumo Ghana Limited and/or to its affiliates. This shall include sharing this information with or obtaining your information from:

4.1.1. any local or international law enforcement or competent regulatory or governmental agency/ies so as to assist in the prevention, detection, investigation or prosecution of criminal activities or fraud;

4.1.2. service providers, dealers, agents or any other associate company of the Lending Institution and or Jumo Ghana Limited for reasonable commercial purposes;
4.1.3. any Credit Bureau.
4.2. Save for the persons listed above, Jumo Ghana Limited will not disclose your personal or other information to any other unauthorized third parties.


5.1. You hereby consent to the Lending Institution ceding and assigning all and any rights or obligations accruing to it under this Agreement to any third party without first obtaining any further consent from you.

5.2. If any provision of these terms and conditions shall be found by any duly appointed arbitrator, court or administrative body of competent jurisdiction to be invalid or unenforceable, the invalidity or unenforceability of such provision shall not affect the other provisions herein.

5.3. You have the right to access to the information held and to request correction of incorrect information. There is a cost involved in excercising this right which is reasonable and varies from time to time.

You consent to, and authorize Jumo Ghana Limited and or its affiliates to communicate the following to you: your transactional activity, educational messages, and offers for products or services via SMS.



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