September 19, 2013

afb Shows Commitment to Ghana

afs Ghana has rebranded itself to afb Ghana, to create a stronger association with the afb group, which arguably is the fastest growing finance company in Africa with a market capitalization of over 66 million USD. With over 50,000 customers and an investment of 20 million USD in Ghana alone, afb has decided to further deepen its presence in the market by launching an afb REWARDS GOLD card for its customers. Speaking at the launch event of the card, afb Group Chief Executive Officer, Karl Westvig said,

“We have been in Ghana since 2010 and our operations have grown steadily. Today we have 135 employees and a network of 23 branches across all regions of Ghana. Currently we proudly offer services to the dedicated men and women of the Ghana Armed Forces, Ghana Police and all Government employees through the Controller and Accountant General Department. Our aim is to partner with all Ghanaians to help drive a better and brighter future for all.”

“afb REWARDS GOLD card will give all afs clients immediate discounts at Melcom stores along with providing a free life insurance cover of Gsh 2000 in the tragic event of a card holder’s death which will enable that his or her family will be able to financially carry on. We at afb want to partner people of Ghana in their journey to a better future and help them to become all they can be.”

He further added that afb has plans to launch innovative products in the near future and all the REWARDS GOLD card holders would become automatically eligible for them which include credit facilities, retail loyalty cards, special mobile services and truly amazing sports affinity products.
Expounding on the growth strategy, Westvig said,

“In the short term we want to drive a technology led customer service revolution to better reach out and serve the people of Ghana. In the long term we want to be an agent for change in the industry and truly empower our customers to make the right choices. We are committed to building a Ghanaian led business that serves as a leadership example to those that aspire to be all they can be whilst changing the lives of all those we interact with in a positive way.”