Here’s what some of our customers have to say about our products and services.

Nsawam-Aduagyire, Ghana

“I come from a very poor family and for someone who now believes education is so important, it’s sad to think how little schooling I got when I was very young.

But that’s a long time ago. Things are different now. They are much better. I have built a school for people who want to study a health course.

SmartCash helped me when others refused. They lent me money to buy markers, books, cardboard and although we started small, we managed to grow. With proper and regular repayments, I was able to borrow more money from SmartCash. The school grew bigger. More and more people got training. Now we have beds for our hostel. People come from far away and it’s growing all the time.”

Kwahu-Atibie, Ghana
Payroll loans

“afb were the first people to ask if they could help. It was a simple question but it changed everything.

With money I was able to borrow with an afb Payroll Loan, we were no longer the victims of a bad landlord and were able to start building our own home. I was able to supply three months’ payslips and with that we qualified for the afb Payroll loan.

Of course we paid on time every month. That’s how we qualified for another loan and with each one, so our house grew higher: foundations, walls, windows, lintels, doors and eventually the roof. I’m also proud to say we were awarded an afb Rewards Gold Card. This gives us life insurance against accidental death and even discounts in some shops.”